Scarlet's Story

Scarlet's Story

After a day out with a group of her friends, Chloe Winters disappears.
Held prisoner in luxurious surroundings and forced into a degrading and isolated life, she is left coping with depression and desperate loneliness...

Welcome to my website

Hello, I am Margot Bentham author of Scarlet’s Story. This book came as a complete surprise and only exists because of a vivid dream that I had some years ago! Hence the unbelievably weird twist. This dream was one of those where you remember a small part and the rest vanishes. I could not place where the subject could have come from. Forgotten until a few years ago it would not let me alone, so I started to write it down in an attempt to get it out of my head.
Despite the weirdness, this is a love story.

Margot Bentham

I live in the north of England and my family had a market garden growing mostly lettuce and tomatoes. We rented a shop where I worked for a number of years and we also did flowers for weddings and funerals. After leaving the shop I worked making artificial eyes for patients in the NHS. I like reading, embroidery listening to music and photography. Gardening is also a hobby although my garden is tiny. The holidays that a friend and I take, usually include looking around gardens that are far larger than either of ours.